Balik Cina literally means 'go back to China' in Bahasa Malaysia. The term Balik Cina was first popularized by the principal of a Shah Alam high school in July 2013. This term and other phrases of similar sophistication has since been trending in Malaysia. Inspired by the outstanding quality of public discourse perpetuated by Malaysian politicians, we started to keep track of all exciting developments in our political landscape. So, sit back, grab some kangkung popcorn and enjoy the show, Malaysia Boleh!

Balik Cina aspires to be the finest collection of all beautiful and inspirational quotes by Malaysian politicians and public figures.

27 April 2014

We have added 'categories' to make it even easier to sort and find quotes. All quotes should be properly categorized within a few days

Further (internal) modifications to our site are needed before we implement the voting system. As we are currently occupied with other projects, we expect the changes to be completed in the first week of May.

We have received (and approved) approximately 150 quote submissions in the past week. Thank you for your enthusiasm! Keep 'em coming ;)

21 April 2014

We have received a lot of positive feedback by email. Thank you so much everyone!

Based on the comments received, we will now try to:

  • Implement a voting or ranking system for the quotes, this is going to take some time, check back soon!
  • Sort the quotes by highest vote. We will sort it by highest views for now [Done!], while waiting for the voting system to be implemented.
  • Put a 'See More' button below the quotes [Done!]
  • Include an optional email/name box for quote submissions to recognize your contributions! [Done!] Your name/email (if you choose to) will appear in the quote page. We welcome ideas for better ways to implement this. Maybe links to twitter/fb accounts instead?
  • Can someone provide a source for our Samy Vellu quotes? We would like to back everything up with an article or a video