A primer on Balik Cina

balik verb [bɑ·lik]

to return, to go back

Cina noun [ci·na]

China, Chinese people

The term “Balik Cina” literally means “go back to China” in the Malay language. It is, notably, a very common phrase in the Malaysian political scene. Heavily inspired by the creativity and wit of Malaysian politicians, Balik Cina was conceived as a project to collect all beautiful and inspirational quotes by Malaysian politicians and public figures. We will show the world what Malaysian politicians are truly capable of. Malaysia Boleh indeed.

Development Team

A team of 4 are currently contributing to the frontend, backend and administration. We are building Balik Cina out of personal interests and all developers have either full time jobs or studies. We do not hold any official political affiliations, but that doesn't mean that we are politically indifferent.

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